Abraham (biographical details unfortunately unknown):

Participant in a »Völkerschau«

Patrice Lumumba (1925 – 1961):

First prime minister of the independent Congo, giving its name to the Lumumbastreet in Leipzig, also the location of a memorial in his memory.

Ma-KA-Oli (biographical details unfortunately unknown):

Member of group of dancers from Cameroon who performed in the Krystallpalast in 1885

Hans Meyer (1858 – 1929):

Professor and explorer, from 1915 on director of the Institute for Colonial Geography at the University of Leipzig

Ernst Pinkert (1844 – 1909):

Founder of the Leipzig zoo, organiser of »Völkerschau«

Friedrich Ratzel (1844 – 1904):

Founder of anthropogeography and member of the German Colonial Society

Otto Reche (1879 – 1966):

Ethnologist, director of the Ethnological-Anthropological Institute from 1927 until 1945, which he renamed into the »Institute for Racial and Ethnological Studies«

Freiherr Ferdinand von Richthofen (1833 – 1905):

Geographer and China explorer

Carl von Schwartz (1847 – 1923):

Director of the Leipzig Catholic Mission from 1891 until 1911

Hendrik Verwoerd (1901 – 1966):

received his doctorate at the Leipzig Ethnology Institute, from 1950 on Minister for »Indigenous Affairs« in Apartheid South Africa

Ernst Vollbehr (1876 – 1960):

Painter whose special show »The German colonies in Images by Ernst Vollbehr« was part of the colonial propaganda effort

Karl Weule (1864 – 1926):

Geographer and director of the Museum of Ethnography from 1907 until 1927

Clara Zetkin (1857 – 1933):

Woman rights activist, active in the workers movement